Competitions are held at 6:00 PM on the first Tuesday of each month. Program meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. Photos submission closes at 11:45 PM two Sundays before the competition.

2023-24 Castle Craig Camera Club Calendar
Welcome Meeting and SocialSeptember 19th
Submission deadline for October CompetitionSeptember 24th @ 11:45 pm
October CompetitionOctober 3rdSpecial Category: Connecticut Birds (one in-house judge)
October Program MeetingField Trip TBA
Submission Deadline for November CompetitionOctober 29th @ 11:45 pm
November CompetitionNovember 7thSpecial Category: Old/Generations
November Program MeetingNovember 21thTopic: Editing
Submission Deadline for December CompetitionNovember 26th @ 11:45 pm
December CompetitionDecember 5thSpecial Category: Glass
December Program MeetingDecember 19thHoliday Party
No January competition
January Program MeetingJanuary 16thTopic: Light painting workshop
No February Competition
February Program MeetingFebruary 20thTopic: Bird photography (virtual)
Submission Deadline for March CompetitionFebruary 25th @ 11:45 pm
March CompetitionMarch 5thSpecial Category: Emotion
March Program MeetingMarch 19thTopic: Gathering - bring photos you struggle with for feedback and suggestions
Submission Deadline for April CompetitionMarch 24th @ 11:45 pm
April CompetitionApril 2ndSpecial Category: Macro photos of household objects
Submission Deadline for May (EOY) CompetitionApril 24th @ 11:45 pm
May CompetitionMay 7thEOY Categories
End of Year PartyMay 21st