End of Year Competition

The End of Year (EOY) Competition is the highlight of each Castle Craig Camera Club season; here are the requirements:

• Using the usual competition timelines/deadlines, enter up to 3 (three) images of your choice in each category: Digital Open, Creative Artistry, Salon Monochrome Print, Salon Color Print (Note: any previously submitted Special Category photos must be entered in the “Digital Open” category for EOY).
• All Images must have been previously entered during that season.
• Images must be entered as they were originally submitted. Do not change anything about the submission. This means each must be submitted with the same matting /mount and titles. No alterations!
• All EOY photos will be judged in A and B divisions as usual.

End of Year ~ Special Awards Categories

The EOY competition also includes 4 (four) prestigious “Special Award” Categories honoring photographers who have positively influenced the Castle Craig Camera Club. Please note the rules here are different:
• These must be photos Never Used before – in our competitions or any other competitions!
• You are allowed to submit only one (1) Photo in each of the Special Awards Category.
• All entries must be submitted digitally, including the Paul Hansen Black and White, which will also be in print format using our standard Monochrome competition guidelines – however no color will be allowed – only Monochrome.
• EOY Special Awards are NOT separated by A and B makers, all are judged together!

*** The Willis Cone Wildflower Medal ***
This must be a photo of a Wildflower and must be shot in its natural environment. If it does not fit the criteria of a wildflower it could be eliminated … please know the difference!
*** The Everett Wilson Landscape Medal ***

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic.  Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can have manmade features or manmade disturbances of the landscape.
*** The Daniel Kahn Creativity Medal ***
This award is judged using our creative image artistry guidelines. This should be a photograph that is highly manipulated to ultimately present a different creative vision.
*** The Paul Hanson Black and White Medal (print) ***

This is a true Black and White PRINT Submission. No color can be used in these!

Good Luck!!