End of Year Competition

The End of Year (EOY) Competition is the highlight of each Castle Craig Camera Club season; here are the requirements:

• Using the usual competition timelines/deadlines, enter up to 3 (three) images of your choice in each category: Digital Open, Creative Artistry, Salon Monochrome Print, Salon Color Print (Note: any previously submitted Special Category photos must be entered in the “Digital Open” category for EOY).
• All Images must have been previously entered during that season.
• Images must be entered as they were originally submitted. Do not change anything about the submission. This means each must be submitted with the same matting /mount and titles. No alterations!
• All EOY photos will be judged in A and B divisions as usual.

End of Year ~ Special Awards Categories

The EOY competition also includes 4 (four) prestigious “Special Award” Categories honoring photographers who have positively influenced the Castle Craig Camera Club. Please note the rules here are different:
• These must be photos Never Used before – in our competitions or any other competitions!
• You are allowed to submit only one (1) Photo in each of the Special Awards Category.
• All entries must be submitted digitally, including the Paul Hansen Black and White, which will also be in print format using our standard Monochrome competition guidelines – however no color will be allowed – only Monochrome.
• EOY Special Awards are NOT separated by A and B makers, all are judged together!

*** The Willis Cone Flower Medal ***
This must be a photo of a Wildflower and must be shot in its natural environment. If it does not fit the criteria of a wildflower it could be eliminated … please know the difference!
*** The Everett Wilson Landscape Medal ***

Landscape photographs must capture the presence of nature in its natural state and cannot have man-made features or man-made disturbances of the landscape. If a man-made element is present in a photograph, it, will be disqualified
*** The Daniel Kahn Creativity Medal ***
This award is judged using our creative image artistry guidelines. This should be a photograph that is highly manipulated to ultimately present a different creative vision.
*** The Rob Mcfarlane Black and White Medal ***

This is a true Black and White Submission. No color can be used in these!

Good Luck!!