Helpful Links

For 2019-20, we have several categories that will certainly be fun and interesting. Below are links to helpful thought-starters for three of this season’s competition categories in particular. Click to Links:

Night Sky Photography Tips

Fill the Frame / Macro Tips

Fun with Shadows (please go to 1:00 minute mark)

Keep in mind, YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials of all kinds, but here are a few more helpful links:

FastStone Editing Software – download the viewer here

Rules of Composition (Tom Flynn)
Rule of Thirds (Tom Flynn)
Composition – Photos that Shine (Tom Flynn)
Rating your Photos (Tom Castrilli)

Updates from Connecticut Association of Photographers and the New England Camera Club Council:

Connecticut Association of Photographers (Jim Dionne)
New England Camera Club Council

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Please let us know if you uncover resources that should be here!