Helpful Links

For 2022-2023, we have several categories that will certainly be fun and interesting. Below are links to helpful thought-starters for some of this season’s competition categories.

Abandoned Spaces (PDF)
Backlit (PDF)
Candid Photography (PDF)
Light Painting (PDF)
iPhone Street Photography (PDF)
Making Symmetry (PDF)
Still Life Photography (PDF)
Shape, Structure, and Tone in Black and White Photography (PDF)

YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials of all kinds, but here are a few more helpful links:

Rules of Composition (Tom Flynn)
Rule of Thirds (Tom Flynn)
Composition – Photos that Shine (Tom Flynn)
Rating your Photos (Tom Castrilli)

Updates from Connecticut Association of Photographers and the New England Camera Club Council:

Connecticut Association of Photographers
New England Camera Club Council

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Please let us know if you uncover resources that should be here!